Want to share your story?

So you want to share your story? Please email all stories or inquires to Internanony@gmail.com I usually get back to you same day or the next. Please specify what you want your title to be and if you want it to be completely ANONYMOUS.

Thank you in advance for sharing your story.


3 thoughts on “Want to share your story?

  1. Julie Alma Alexandra says:

    Oh, god… Ironically this story gives me PTSD- I will explain very shortly as to why. Sending you and email now.

  2. I sent you my story , You should do a vlog or a video interview because I can relive the anger I felt threw all of my experiences.

  3. Maria says:

    I just read your last post. Don’t feel bad. I have a grad degree in film and came to this country under a Fulbright scholarship. 5 yrs of freelancing did it for me. I’m going into healthcare too. But I don’t feel down. I had a lot of fun doing films and meeting people. I don’t think I wasted my time, it’s a valuable experience. Happiness is not like a car that hits you it’s like a light switch that you turn on or off. Best of luck to us both. I’m excited to actually have a real work shift this time. Best!

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